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To navigate the holidays better, consider the following 5 mental health tips for Christmas:


Set realistic expectations and accept the shortcomings and flaws in planning Christmas gatherings and parties.  Take into account the tiny instances of joy and happiness of the holidays inherent in spending time with loved ones, Christmas traditions, holiday baking rituals, etc.

Establish boundaries with people and things that drain you emotionally. Learn to say “no” to avoid over-committing.

Limit or moderate alcohol intake to mindfully take charge of your festivities and social interactions during Christmas.

Budget wisely to alleviate procrastination, last minute shopping, and financial stress.

Maintain routines and stick to the holiday plan to reduce chaotic disruptions. Prioritize self-care, dedicating time for relaxation and personal well-being amid festive activities.

Promote holiday stress management through adequate physical activity, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, meditation, etc.

Avoid comparisons and practice gratitude, focusing on positive aspects and appreciating small joys. Seek support from friends or family, if you are experiencing emotional distress.

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